Such As These Children Center
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A home and a school for orphans and needy children. We are meeting the basic needs of these orphaned children while also providing them with a good education and the opportunity to learn about the Savior. The school and home are both located in Rukiga Kabale district in Uganda, East Africa.


We call upon you to assist these youngsters.



Some children lose parents at a tender age and yet they have no known relatives. Others are abandoned by mothers at birth. We get children for adoption through probation officers.

Medical Needs

We work together with hospitals to extend treatment to groups of people who can not afford medical costs. We have given eye glasses to different people. We have a plan to employ more workers and reach out to many.

Preaching the Gospel

We reach people through spreading the good news of Jesus. We use different methods like mass crusades, door to door evangelism, giving out gospel papers, radio preaching, and church planting.

Community Support

We have reached out to the community by giving them clean water through construction of boreholes and building water tanks. We have given people income generating projects like goat keeping.

Education and Hunger

Many children in Uganda lack the opportunity to an education and a chance to have at least a meal a day. Such As These primary school has a vision to extend education accompanied with meals to those who can't afford.

Refugee Support

We help children in refugee camps with affordable basic needs like clothes, food, and medical care. We also train widows in these camps with basic skills to earn a living. We support them to start up small scale businesses.